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My name is Dave Bogdan & I'm originally from New York ~ Massachusetts. I've been sidelined from my professional stance for medical reasons as of late. No matter what I always root for the underdog. I've been in the IT field since 1999 and performed in the entertainment industry through the decade prior as a discotheque disc jockey. I had residency at a club in upstate New York named Roomers (yes it's spelled that way). Hover over the 'About Dave' menu & then select 'My Club Music / EDM Recordings' to hear an experience of the time.

During the later part of the aforementioned decade I was the Program Manager for a small four station radio group covering the Adirondack Park. Early on with my involvement the General Manager approached me with my opinions on the classic rock genre of the region's community. I studied the demographic very carefully before instrumenting the change & not long after that prior extended conversation I directed the stations' format transition from AAA (or triple A) to Classic Rock. This format remains to this very day on WLPW & WRGR. The name of the hard rock show I drove for fun at night was "Rock Stock & Barrel".

In 1996 the Federal Communications Commission bestowed upon me a Technician No Code class Amateur Radio License. I studied and passed the 5 min morse code requirement of the time to be granted the General class license in 2005. I'm typically active on simplex VHF / UHF frequencies but I prefer the HF bands where signals can be bounced off the ionosphere allowing communication with other operators around the world via something sometimes termed a "skywave".

I earned & wield well cured communication. I have a strong understanding of global leadership and the responsibilities that come with it. I at times demonstrate an assertive personality however this is woven with great passion and great respect for (as well as attention to) detail. While endeavoring through day to day challenges I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities for personal & professional improvement. I might add these are simply words and only actions can truly reveal the validity of them.